Masterclass with Carol Blackburn – June 2021


Veneers ~ Canes ~ Vessels

I enjoy hosting classes at my co-working studio in Columbus, Ohio. I invite teachers that I’ve always wanted to learn from and schedule classes that I’ve always wanted to take myself.
Join us in 2021 with Carol! -Cynthia

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Carol will bring her latest tricks to this 2-day class. We’ll make lots of veneers and canes that will end up as small Faire Isle vessels. Hers are as smooth as silk and she has tricks for that too.

Get ready for head-smacking, jaw-dropping revelations.

In recent years Carol has translated famous knitwear designs like Missoni and Faire Isle to polymer. Barcodes, ripples, zigzags, networks, mobius strips, knots and stitches have all been boiled down to their essence in clay.

London’s Carol Blackburn spent years in the knitwear industry in the UK and Europe. She was shopping for buttons when she chanced upon some made of polymer.

Knitting was so central to her eye for design that she could easily envision the same over/under, in/out patterns in polymer clay.

Carol is very methodical and thrifty, bringing astonishing order to the chaos of scrap. She’ll show us how to waste nothing. Her tools are few and homemade.

She’s developed no-fail methods of putting bits together (always a little white and some black) so that her color combinations pop every time.